• Design and Develop IR of Electronic Theses of Social-Sciences of RTM,Nagpur University, Nagpur

      Lihitkar, Shalini R. (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2012-09)
      In the age of Information Technology it is very important to keep a pace with the rapid changes that has been taking place all over the world. Institutional repository play a vital role in dissemination of intellectual output of the organization hence it is essential to all the organization to develop and digitize their collection and scholarly communication. Keeping in view the technological changes and importance of creating digital repository of electronic theses, the proposal has been prepared for creation of institutional repository of electronic theses of social-sciences of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University , Nagpur . This proposal is submitted to Indian Council of Social-Science Research, (ICSSR) New Delhi and has been approved recently, now it is in execution stage. The proposal, constraints and measures for Institutional Repository have been also discussed in detail.
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    • “Dspace @ SDMCET: A Real Treasure of Engineering Innovations”

      Bankapur (V M) (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2012-09)
      Objectives: Bringing 33 year of Students Projects one common platform: Institutional Repositories using Dspace software. Methods: Open Source Software -Dspace software is being used for this purpose by converting projects into e-formats. Presentation: 20 minutes: Results: it is a continues process the database of project will be an asset to the institution. SDMCET is an autonomous institution which has more than 33 years of history in engineering education in India. The enormous development in engineering education has kindled the growth of technical innovations of young minds. These young minds are “tech savvy” and bring in new ideas in the form of the projects. The knowledge centre has built Institutional Repository using open source software, Dspace. This is popularly known as “Dspace @ sdmcet.” Today there are more than 3000 students who are perusing their engineering education. The history of database has thirty years of data of projects. These student projects form a very important “innovativeness” of technical explorations which add value to institution which is part of the course. This project is supported by the institution and is a continuous process of archiving and preservation. The plans and implementation is being described in this paper.
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    • New Vista to Preserve the Scholarly Output in Higher Education System: Institutional Repositories

      Kumar, Raj (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2012-09)
      Institutional repositories emerge as a new approach to manage and maintain effectively the intellectual assets of an institute through the digital content for scholarly communication. It includes e-prints of research data, e-learning materials and other forms of institutional intellectual outputs, which are generally not available or preserved elsewhere. Digital publishing, global networking, new researches, and improved communication among scholars are driving the demand for broader access. In the present scenario, IR’s are become an indispensable component for information and knowledge sharing in the universities and higher education world. The Institutional Repository increased visibility reflects a high quality of scholarship; this display of value can translate into tangible benefits including the funding from public and private sources that drives in part from an institution status and reputation. The paper explores and discusses the conceptual development, benefits, standard, sustainability & funding of Institutional repositories. Paper has also discussed about the open source software’s and Commercial Digital Repository Software that are available to create and maintain in institutional repositories. This paper also tries to explore the contents of IRs and skill requirement for the implantations of the successful Institutional Repository.
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